Speckled Sunlight

Some pieces when mixed together make really good and unexpected outfits. Isn’t that the beauty of fashion? That’s how Iย put together this outfit.

Being someone who never used to shop clothes online, I finally put my fears aside and got this grey metallic jumpsuit. And well, when it arrived I was kind of put off since it looked a bit different in real. I guess that’s normal since you can’t really feel the material or even try it on to see how it would look on you. So it ended up being something I didn’t use for a while until I found this beautiful white crop top and I couldn’t imagine life without ever owning that blouse lol. The next part took me even longer since I wanted to find a scarf that wasnt my usual and then Voila!ย I found the perfect marble tie-dye scarf and that too online.

I guess online shopping ain’t so bad after all ! ๐Ÿ˜€

Top : ZARA // Jumpsuit : Namshiย // Scarf : Little Black Hijabย // Sneakers : Nike // Backpack : Bershka.

Here are the links to the exactย cropped top with bow,ย grey metallic jumpsuitย and the beautifulย tie-dye marble hijab.

speckled sunlight 1speckled sunlight 2speckled sunlight 3speckled sunlight 4 .jpgspeckled sunlight 5image1 (1)

Have a good day y’all ! โค


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